Our Mission

Thomas More School is a private school, modeled in the traditional Catholic school format. We strive to inspire and educate children towards the “proper and immediate end of Christian education which is to cooperate with divine grace in forming the true and perfect Christian.” Pope Pius XII

Our Philosophy

Thomas More School was founded in 1977 and follows the traditional teachings of the Catholic Church as was handed down for 2,000 years. Our motto, “Fidelis Veritatis Dei” means: Always Faithful to God's Truth”.

Therefore we place great emphasis upon the spiritual and moral training of our students. This emphasis on religious training does not lessen, but rather increases the attention that is given to the intellectual development of the students. They are encouraged and assisted to strive to do their best for the glory of God, the love of their soul, and the love of their neighbor.

In order to follow this philosophy, Thomas More School turns to Doctors and Saints of the Church with such advice as: “Conquer yourself and the world lies at you feet”. (St. Augustine) “…Make known the beauty, grandeur and holiness of our religion, which offers such easy and efficacious means for sanctification in the Sacraments.”(St. John Bosco)

The students at Thomas More School learn that through study, scholarship and discipline and above all through love of God, each one can conquer the world. As St. Thomas Aquinas teaches, “Magnanimity is a virtue and it is concerned with the best use of the greatest thing. The magnanimous man does great things for God or for the benefit of his fellowmen. He seeks honor not so much for himself and in the eyes of men as for God and in the eyes of God. He loves God and dares to do great things for God and men…”.

“Fidelis Veritatis Dei”
Always Faithful to God's Truth


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